New Product Review: Deepblu Cosmiq+ Dive Computer

New Product Review: Deepblu Cosmiq+ Dive Computer

The Next Innovation in Dive Computing

I had the chance to test out the new Cosmiq+ dive computer by Deepblu on a recent trip to Palau and Truk Lagoon and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. I was a bit hesitant…. fancy colorful LCD screen, Bluetooth capability, and great price point. So there had to be a catch, right?

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use before, during, and after my dives. I’ve used a lot of dive computers over the years, and to be able to use one straight out of the box with very little reference to the user manual, well this was a first for me. There are a few finicky points that a new user has to be aware of, but nothing too crazy.

Here’s what I liked:

  • Nice color options
  • Very easy to read LCD screen with bright read-out
  • Different wet modes including gauge mode for tech divers, freediving mode, and of course recreational dive mode
  • Very easy and intuitive menu functions
  • Quick sync via wireless Bluetooth to the Deepblu app on my iPhone where I can have an interactive dive log on the Deepblu app, upload photos, tag my dive buddies, and even write a short blog for each individual dive
  • Decompression algorithm based on Buhlmann ZHL-16C model with 3 different safety factor settings
  • Nitrox capable up to 40%
  • Easy to use dive planner mode
  • Free firmware updates as they add more features
  • Rechargeable with USB cable
  • Comes with both nylon strap and bungee, I immediately went for the bungee and did not try the nylon strap
  • Once my dives were uploaded to the app, the app was easy to navigate, easy to see your dives and update the information

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • You have to remember to charge it regularly, about every 2 days depending on how much diving you’re doing
  • The recharging cable is a bit finicky and comes separated from the computer easily, so make sure you set it off to the side where it won’t be easily bumped
  • Deco stops were interesting, the computer wants you to be hover between 16-18ft in order for the timer countdown to continue. If you go shallower or deeper, the timer stops and then resumes when you get back to that zone. Not a huge deal as I don't personally do a lot of deco diving, but something to keep in mind. My other dive computer wanted me to be at 10ft for my deco stops, so my dive buddies were wondering why I looked like an airplane with one arm extended up and the other extended down for the entire deco stop.
  • There are a few settings you can adjust on the dive computer itself, such as your nitrox mix, which may change from dive to dive. However most settings need to be adjusted using the app. Being on a liveaboard for 2 weeks with no internet access, this became an issue. You need to be logged in to the app in order to upload your dive log, change settings, etc. The start of the trip I was already logged in to the app on my iphone, so I was able to adjust settings, just not upload my dive log. In experimenting, I logged out of the app and then I was hooped for the rest of the trip as I wasn't able to log back in to the app with no internet access, so can't adjust alot of the settings without the app. I’ve emailed them about this issue, hoping for an “off-line” mode to accommodate non-internet dive sites and trips. Once back on land where I had internet, the computer easily uploaded to the app and I was good to go again. But something to keep in mind if you will be in an area with limited internet access, such as a liveaboard dive trip… get your computer settings figured out before you leave land and log into the app as well so you can at least adjust the computer's settings.

So overall impression, great dive computer for recreational divers. A die-hard tech diver may find it a bit too basic compared to the more popular techy computers like the Shearwater. But compared to a lot of the other recreational dive computers on the market, the ease of use and readability was far superior to anything I've used before. And if you're into the new, online style of logbooks and blogs, you'll love this computer. Most impressed by the small size and still very easy to read screen.

Scuba Gear Canada now has the Cosmiq+ in stock! and available in store

Check out my profile at to see an example of my dive logs

2021 Nov 19th Angie Garred, SDI Staff Instructor

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