New Product Review: Sealife Micro HD 2.0

Sealife's newest underwater camera is the latest and greatest

underwater camera in it's category. What really set's The Micro HD 2.0 apart from other

underwater action cameras is this camera is made by Divers for Divers. Other cameras require a mountain of extra accessories to make equal to the

Image quality for still pictures is up to 16MP. Video shoots in 1080p HD. Field of view is adjustable 130, 100 or 80 degrees. Small and compact this is a go anywhere camera. Out of the box it is ready for anything with built in 2.4" LCD screen, internal memory(32gb or 64gb) and WiFi. Permanently sealed housing means there is no o-ring for you to worry about. Depth rated to 200ft/60m. The Micro 2.0 has 4 modes: Land, Dive, Snorkel and external light.Sealife such as underwater housings, batteries, memory cards, screens and color filters all of which are included in the Micro 2.0

We recently had a chance to test this camera in a variety of diving conditions. While snorkeling in Bonaire the built in color filter was perfect for bright, vibrant colors. It was super easy to use. I liked it best when used with a tray and handle for stability. While Scuba diving on Vancouver island we were particularly impressed with the quality of the still pictures although there is no option for a flash or strobe the SeaDragon lights can more than make up for it. I do recommend having the duel lights for the dives 60 ft and deeper in green water as the water gets pretty dark at depth.

A few shots taken at Windsock beach in Bonaire

Diving the Rivtow Lion in Nanaimo 

2016 Feb 26th

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