Earn your open water diver certification today and open your life to a new world of adventure and discovery!

Learn to Scuba Dive 

The Open Water Diver certification course is broken into two parts. The first part is pool and classroom training which is done over the weekend. The second part is open water training. This is where you'll go to a lake or ocean with an instructor and complete your skills in an "open water" environment. During your pool training, the instructor/divemaster to student ratio is about 2 to 8. During your open water training with us, the instructor/divemaster to student ratio is about 2 to 6. Many times, the student count is even less, giving more one on one attention to each student during all parts of their training.

For the open water training, you have a lot of options. In the summer, you can go to Jasper and complete the required dives over a weekend. You may also finish your open water dives on Vancouver Island where you'll experience some of the best cold-water diving in the world.

Your other option is to finish internationally, like in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, or anywhere in the world during your scuba holiday. After completing your pool and classroom training, you'll receive a Global Referral Letter which you'll take with you on holidays and an instructor at your vacation destination will continue your open water training. You will train with highly qualified and experienced instructors and divemasters.

Discover Scuba

Not sure about scuba? Try a Discover Scuba session and see what it's like to breathe underwater.

Discover Snorkeling

Maybe staying on the surface is more your style, try Discover Snorkeling to get some great tips and tricks for your next snorkeling adventure.

Already Certified? Go Diving!

There are lots of fun diving opportunities around Alberta for getting wet, practicing your skills, and taking advanced courses. We offer lots of trips throughout the year to Vancouver Island, Bonaire, and other destinations around the world. So join us for some underwater fun and adventure!


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