Hire A Divemaster


Hire A Dive Guide

We have a great team of Divemasters who are familiar with our local lakes and are highly qualified scuba divers. They can meet you at a local lake to explore the underwater world.

Why hire a Divemaster? A Divemaster will...

  • Meet you at a local lake and show you where to park, where to set up your gear, where the nearest washroom is, and all the other small details that you won't need to think about.
  • Show you the unique features and marine life in the lake that might be missed if you haven't dove there before.
  • Know the best entry and exit point for the dive site and can help with appropriate entry and exit for the site.
  • Help you ensure you're weighted properly and have all the necessary gear for the dive.
  • Ensure you're comfortable with the gear required for cold water diving: hood, gloves, boots, extra weight.
  • Sign your logbook to help you keep track of your open water experience dives.

Who should hire a Divemaster?

  • You are a cold water diver who hasn't dove in a few years. If it's been more than 5 years, we recommend taking the Cold Water Diver Course.
  • You are a cold water diver who is unfamiliar with the lake or dive site that you're planning to dive.
  • You are a cold water diver with limited experience.
  • You are a cold water diver who doesn't have a buddy to dive with.

Not a cold water diver... no problem!

  • You are qualified to dive in the conditions that you have been trained. So if you've only dove in warm water, then we recommend taking the Cold Water Diver Course to learn the ins and outs of cold water diving. You are more likely to have a positive experience and keep diving in cold water with a little extra help from a highly qualified and experience dive instructor.