Weekend Camp 'n' Dives



Join us in Jasper for some local diving! The water in the lakes is super clean and clear, making it a great place to go fun diving, take an advanced diver course, and practice your skills.

Lake Beauvert

This is the lake that we most often use for training and fun diving. It has a nice, paved parking area that is perfect for gearing up. There is a nice entry/exit point onto some large rocks. Head out straight from shore and you can hit 60-80 feet of depth with some interesting features along the way. Head out to the right and you'll find a couple of large rock piles at about 30-50 feet that are perfecting for practicing skills and fine-tuning your buoyancy without disturbing the muddy bottom. Head further from this point and you'll get close to the Jasper Park Lodge golf course where you can go golf ball hunting in 10-50 feet of water. 

Underwater Features:

  • The bottom of the lake is covered with little underwater "volcanoes" where the fresh water springs feed in to the lake and bubble up from the bottom, ranging in size from a couple of inches to a couple of meters
  • Golf balls from the golf course can be found on the bottom of the lake
  • Mountain whitefish, suckers, minnows, loons
  • Little critters like copepods, caddisfly, scuds, back swimmers, water boatman, and water beetles
  • Lots of rock piles and logs throughout
  • Few areas that have short, dense weeds 

Lake Annette

Lake Annette is a bit smaller than Beauvert and the parking area can get crowded and full quite quickly. So if you head out to this lake for a couple of dives, you will want to head out early in the morning to ensure a parking spot. This lake is normally a bit warmer than Beauvert but the downside is the visibility is not usually as good. There is a really nice dock area that is perfect for doing a seated or giant stride entry. The shore next to the dock is mostly gravel and slopes gradually so walking in and out is very easy. This lake is very popular during the summer for swimming, paddle boarding and other activities. Stay on the left side of the lake and there's lots of rock piles in 20-40 feet of water where you'll find tons of suckers hanging out. The middle part of the lake is mostly muddy bottom, so be sure to maintain good buoyancy and don't kick up the bottom. Maximum depth in this lake is about 70 feet.

Underwater Features:

  • Lots of suckers and fish hanging around the rock piles, head out on the left side from the dock
  • Mountain whitefish, suckers, minnows, loons
  • Little critters like copepods, caddisfly, scuds, back swimmers, water boatman, and water beetles 


2024 Summer Dates

We will be in Jasper doing training and fun diving on the following weekends. Join us for some underwater fun and socializing around the campfire.

  • June 22 - 23
  • July 20-21
  • August 24-25
  • September 21-22


Places to Stay


Let's Go Diving! 

Have you done any "cold" water diving before?
Yes - Great! If you're comfortable with the gear and physical requirements for cold water diving, then the next step is to find a dive buddy and go diving!
No - You are qualified to dive in the conditions that you were certified or have experience in. There is additional gear considerations required for cold water diving and it is more physically challenging compared to warm water scuba diving. The Cold Water Diver specialty course is a great way to get familar with the different gear requriements for cold water diving under the direct supervision of an Instructor.

Have you done cold water diving before, but you're not totally comfortable or you don't have a dive buddy?
You're off to a great start already having some cold water diving experience! Let's get you more acquainted with cold water diving and the local lakes with an experienced Divemaster to guide and assist you.

Have done some cold water diving and now you are ready to advance your skills?
We offer a variety of Advanced Diver and Specialty Diver training in Jasper. Most courses are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. So if there is a course that you're interested in taking and have a particular weekend in mind, let us know as soon as possible so we can schedule the course. While it is not necessary to sign up with a dive buddy, you will receive a discount on the course if you do and most of the courses require a minimum number of students to run.