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Dive to Travel...Travel to Dive!

Group Dive Adventures

If you're already certified, join us on a tropical holiday at some of the best diving destinations around the world. A group dive trip is a great way to travel as you will be surrounded by people with similar interests as you. It is a great way to meet other people and form life-long friendships with people from all over the world. Many times people who become acquainted on a group trip will plan future trips together, and many times they live hundreds of miles away from eachother! Group trips are also a great opportunity to learn some new skills or take an advanced or specialty course. Most trips have a wide variety of divers from beginners to advanced, so there will always be someone to dive with. If you have a non-diving spouse or family member, don't worry, most trips are geared so that non-divers will have fun as well. 








Comments From Past Travelers

~ Henri ~
I have made several trips with the Dive Outfitters and have always had the most pleasurable experiences.  I have gained true confidence that once I arrive at the dive vacation location, I will be well taken care. Their utmost concern that I arrive safely, get comfortably installed in my room, and have everything I need for a safe and enjoyable holiday, removes the stresses others may experience when travelling on their own. Groups I have traveled with have always been very enjoyable since the Dive Outfitters are very social and encourage people within dive groups to meet and mingle as much as possible.
~ Cathy ~
We love our trips with The Dive Outfitters. They are fun and well organized leaving us free to enjoy our dive holiday. Whether it's your first or your 14th time, these trips are a fantastic experience!
~ Angie ~
I love traveling with groups, especially groups of divers and snorkelers who share my passion for the underwater world. It's fun to socialize and mingle with like-minded people on the dive boat and after the dive over a beer or rum. It's always nice to have a variety of people to dive or snorkel with. I've created many life-long friendships with people I've traveled with that extend beyond my diving activities.