Cold Water Introduction

Cold Water Introduction


You are qualified to dive in the conditions that you were certified. If you complete your open water training in warm water and would like to dive in cold/temperate water, assistance from an experienced profesional will make your first cold water experience more enjoyable and you will be more likely to continue diving in the cold water. There is different gear involved with cold water diving including a thicker wetsuit or drysuit, hood, gloves, boots, and extra weight to offset the buoyancy of all the extra neoprene. Cold/temperate water includes all the lakes around Alberta and all of Canada including the BC and Vancouver Island coasts, and as far south as California.

The cold-water introduction is designed for certified open water divers who would like to learn to dive in cold water. It includes one extra pool session for you to practice with hood and gloves. Also included are four open water dives with an instructor including a review of all the open water diving skills.

Course Prerequisites

  • Open Water Diver certification
  • Recent diving experience (within last 2 years) otherwise a Pool Refresher may be required (depending on level and amount of experience)

Topics Discussed

  • Dive Planning: Predive briefing with instructor, Post-dive logging dives including dive computer and/or dive table use

Water Skills

  • Scuba Equipment: Review of cold water diving gear
  • Weight Check: Ensure proper weighting for cold-water diving
  • Entry/Exit
  • Review of Skills: Regulator use, mask flood/remove and clear, ascending, descending, buoyancy control, emergency ascents, air-sharing ascent, buddy towing and assistance, underwater navigation