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If you would like more information about scuba diving, SDI offers an optional online training course for a small fee that takes about 1 hour to complete and will provide you with more knowledge to enhance your first scuba diving experience at the pool. The course takes about 1 hour to complete, and can be accessed from your computer or tablet at home, the office, or even on vacation. It is a great reference tool before and after your pool discover scuba. Topics covered include:

  • Scuba diving gear including mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulators, exposure suits, weights, and accessories
  • Marine environment including marine life seeing and hearing underwater, and water conditions
  • Physiology, breathing, decompression illness, congestion, equalizing, physical exertion
  • Underwater skills including breathing, equalizing, hand signals, surface skills, and scuba diving 



  • After purchasing the online training course, we will email you your personal online code and a link to log-in and start your online training.
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