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Buoyancy Control: The key to good diving

Buoyancy Control: The key to good diving

Every diver no matter the experience or training level needs to focus on their buoyancy. Buoyancy control does not just mean that you don't hit the bottom or that you can ascend without getting a warning from your dive computer. Being able to hover on the spot, being able to swim throughout the dive with minimal effort, being able to observe the ocean reef without disturbing anything is buoyancy control. Having proper buoyancy control can make your dives more enjoyable, improve your photos, imp …
2022 Jan 12th

Local Dive Activities for the winter

The snow tires are on, the holiday season is over and your dive gear is collecting dust. Here are a few ideas to keep up with your diving until diving season is with us again.1. Take a refresher- A confined water refresher is a great way to get back into diving after a long break(1-5 years since your last dive). Usually 2 hours, it takes place at NAIT pool. The refresher will not only review your basic open water skills but also help you improve them. Skills focused on dive safety, hand sig …
2015 Dec 30th