Top 5 reasons to start Snorkeling

Top 5 reasons to start Snorkeling

There are so many reasons to go on a nice, warm, tropical vacation during the winter, especially here in Alberta. But if you're not into scuba diving, you can still enjoy the beautiful blue water by going snorkeling. While heading out on a boat to a close-by reef can be a fun adventure, a lot of popular destinations have great snorkeling right off the beach at or near your resort. Normally all the nice coral reef and fish are close to shore anyway, so keep it simple. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to give snorkeling a try:

#1 - Discover a whole new world underwater! There is so much stuff to see underwater and learn about. Being land-locked here in Alberta, the ocean is not part of our everday lives. So when you have the opportunity to be close to the ocean, you should get out and explore it!

#2 - Great activity to do with friends and family. Snorkeling is a lot of fun for all ages, young and old. Excellent way to bond with your young kids or teenagers.

#3 - Relax and enjoy the quiet and tranquility of floating on the ocean. No email, no cell phone, no social media. Escape the distrations of everyday life for just a moment. Just enjoy the experience.

#4 - Get moving, off the couch and off the beach lounger. Snorkeling is great excercise but you'll be having so much fun in the water, you won't even notice yourself working up a sweat. Comfortable snorkeling fins will help propel you through the water with minimal effort.

#5 - Nothing beats seeing turtles, rays, and other fish in real life. Sure, you can watch it on the interweb or in an aquarium. But that won't get your heart beating fast like an up-close encounter with a turtle or fish.

Still not convinced? Join us at the pool for a 1-hour snorkeling lesson. Learn the ins and outs of snorkeling in a controlled, shallow environment. Practice using the mask, snorkel, and fins. Get more comfortable with the basics so that your next ocean exploration is more enjoyable and fun!

2024 Mar 7th

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