Technical Diver Courses


Technical diving is scuba diving that exceeds the scope of recreational diving. Technical divers require advanced training, extensive experience, specialized equipment, and often breathe gases other than air or nitrox. 

While there are many opinions on exactly what technical diving encompasses, it generally will include scuba diving at depths exceeding 130 feet, decompression diving, using mixed gases (heliox, heliair, trimix), overhead environments (wreck, cave, or ice), use of rebreathers, and some include solo diving as a form of technical diving as well. The most important aspect of technical diving is that you receive proper training. TDO currently offers a wide range of technical courses through TDI.

Other Service Courses:

  • Advanced Gas Blender
  • Oxygen Equipment Service Technicial
  • Visiual Inspection Procedure
  • CPROX Administrator

Specialty Course fees do not include textbook, transportation, accommodation, equipment, air fills, etc.


course-tech3.jpg     Intro to Tech Diving

course-nitrox.jpg     Advanced Nitrox

course-tech.jpg     Decompression Procedures

course-tech1.jpg     Extended Range Diver

course-twins.jpg     Trimix

course-trimix.jpg     Advanced Trimix