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Imagine.... you jump off the boat and look down at the bottom of the ocean. Sand, coral, fish. You descend slowly enjoying the blue abyss that surrounds you like a warm blanket. As you approach the bottom, you notice the plethora of marine life that makes the reef its home. It's amazing. It's breathtaking. It's something you won't soon forget....

Being a certified diver opens up a new world of opportunities while traveling around the world. Once you've done a "dive holiday" you'll probably always be thinking, "what's the diving like," whenever you plan future scuba holidays.

Getting certified

Finish your required open water dives during your next tropical vacation. Once you've completed the pool & classroom training with The Dive Outfitters, you'll receive a referral letter that you can take on holidays with you. A dive instructor at your holiday destination will take over your training and complete your required dives with you, usually over a couple of days. Then you're certified a certified Open Water Diver!! Continue diving on your holiday as a certified diver!

Bonaire - Diving & Snorkeling Paradise

By far the top diving and snorkeling destination in the Caribbean is a small island called Bonaire. It is located near Aruba, just north of Venezuala. This tiny island is world renowned for the fantastic marine life and coral reefs. Not surprising, it has become our favorite destination for diving and snorkeling. It has also become some of our customers' favorite destination as well with many divers and non-divers returning several times on our group trips. Join us on one of our group trips to Bonaire or plan one on your own. Check out Villa Makoshi, a "diver's home away from home". Built by divers for divers... you'll have it all when you stay here!

Group Dive Adventures

If you're already certified, join us on a tropical holiday at some of the best diving destinations around the world. A group dive trip is a great way to travel as you will be surrounded by people with similar interests as you. It is a great way to meet other people and form life-long friendships with people from all over the world. Many times people who become acquainted on a group trip will plan future trips together, and many times they live hundreds of miles away from eachother! Group trips are also a great opportunity to learn some new skills or take an advanced or specialty course. Most trips have a wide variety of divers from beginners to advanced, so there will always be someone to dive with. If you have a non-diving spouse or family member, don't worry, most trips are geared so that non-divers will have fun as well. 



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