Christmas Inspiration; The Gift of Scuba Lessons

Christmas Inspiration; The Gift of Scuba Lessons

Do you need a creative gift idea this Christmas? Why not get your loved one a chance to Scuba Dive?

This can be the perfect gift for those heading out on a winter vacation and want to have an adventure. You have a couple of options for courses. 

Discover Scuba $40 (plus GST)

The Discover Scuba takes place at a swimming pool and allows the student a chance to try Scuba. You will work with an Instructor in the pool with all the gear and learn a few basic skills. This is a great gift for those who are not sure if Scuba is for them. Also makes a great family excursion or date night.

Open Water Scuba Diver training part one $325 or $275 with the Buddy Special (plus GST)

This is part one of the full certification course. This is were you learn how to be a responsible diver. Learning how to use all the dive equipment, the physics and physiology of Scuba Diving as well as in water skills. Part two of the open water requires 4 dives in a lake or ocean with an instructor. Part 2 can be completed internationally or in the summer months locally. 

Courses can be purchased under the gift recievers name or purchased as a Gift Card with which the recipient can redeem at any time for the course of their choosing.

2015 Nov 14th

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