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Alternative Sun Protection

Alternative Sun Protection

If you enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Paddle boarding or any water sport you need to think about sun protection. We all understand the damage sun can do to our skin but did you know the damage some sunblock can do to the ocean?Finding the right reef friendly sun screen can be difficult and with the conflicting scientific studies available on what chemicals are harmful and which are safe it is difficult for the water lover to protect their skin and the ocean. Cover-up. The simplest and …
2019 Feb 6th

Military Appreciation Discount

I don't think a week goes by that we don't have several customers that are either active military or retired military. It's time to show our appreciation for current and past members of the Canadian Forces. The sacrifices they make to establish a career in the military far exceeds what most people experience. Being away from their families and friends for extended periods of time, moving across the country when their posting changes, running into combat when others are fleeing for their liv …
2018 Sep 18th The Dive Outfitters Ltd

Buying vs Renting Scuba Gear

Most divers will start off buying their own mask, snorkel, fins and maybe even a wetsuit. But jumping to the next step of purchasing your own regulators and BCD can be a huge financial decision. So the question always comes up, “Should I buy or just keep renting?” Of course there are a lot of things to consider. Investing in your own dive gear has a lot of benefits including familiarity with how it fits and works and knowing how it has been used and abused. On the other hand, if you choose …
2018 Jul 27th Angie Garred

Our New Store Location!

We've had 15 fantastic years in our store located at 107 Ave in west Edmonton. But we outgrew the space a long time ago and it was time to find a bigger space.On June 11th, we opened the doors at our new, bigger, better location on 156 Street. Still on the west end of Edmonton, but easier to access from 118 Ave, Yellowhead, and even the Henday. The new location has a HUGE showroom (seriously, it's huge!), more space for rental gear, and a better dedicated space for gear repairs.Our new address i …
2018 Jun 25th Angie Garred

8 easy ways to be an ocean friendly traveler

1. Use rash guards or reef safe sunscreen. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about what sunscreen is okay to use in the water. For your trip pack sun shirts, rash guards, hat, sunglasses and reef friendly sunscreen. Some of these item may be hard to find or very expensive at your destination. A common misconception is that if you are not getting in the water you can use non biodegradable sunscreen and it won't be a problem for the water. However applying spray on sunscreen or tanning spray on the …
2018 Feb 6th Cheryl McCuaig